LED CANbus | Philips (2023)

Wat is LED CANbus?

Sommige automodellen vormen een uitdaging voor retrofitlampen op LED-basis. Bij een upgrade van uw auto met LED-retrofitlampen, kunnen die uitdagingen bijvoorbeeld bestaan uit een foutmelding op het dashboard, flikkeringen of gedimde lampen. Dergelijke foutmeldingen betekenen niet dat de LED-lamp zelf ondeugdelijk is.

LED CANbus | Philips (1)

Flikkerend effect

Dimmend effect

Om deze uitdagingen het hoofd te bieden, hebben we slimme oplossingen ontwikkeld in de vorm van CANbus-adapters. Deze zorgen voor soepel werkende verlichtingssystemen, en langdurige en betrouwbare elektrische prestaties.

Raadpleeg de lijst met compatibele LED's om er zeker van te zijn dat u de juiste aansluitring voor uw automodel koopt!

LED CANbus | Philips (2)

Adapter CANbus

Voorkomt onjuiste waarschuwingen op het dashboard

HL [≈H4]

HL [≈H7]

FL [≈H8/H11/H16]

LED CANbus | Philips (3)

CANbus voor kleine reparatie*

Voorkomt flikkeren en dimmen

HL [≈H7]

*De Philips Light Repair CANbus wordt rechtstreeks geïntegreerd in de lampen van onze nieuwe generatie (Ultinon Pro5000 en Ultinon Pro9000). Extra accessoires zijn niet nodig! In zeldzame gevallen kan een extra CANbus noodzakelijk zijn om het flikkerende effect volledig uit te sluiten.

Waarom kiezen voor de Philips LED CANbus?

LED CANbus | Philips (4)

Compatibiliteit gegarandeerd

Deze adapters zijn eenvoudig te installeren en zijn compatibel met de elektrische systemen van uw auto, waardoor mogelijke problemen met waarschuwingen op het dashboard, knipperende koplampen en problemen met groot licht worden voorkomen*.

LED CANbus | Philips (5)

Superieure elektrische prestaties

Met de CANbus-adapter van Philips bent u verzekerd van de constante werking van uw LED-upgradekoplampen en een betere elektrische aansluiting met uw auto

LED CANbus | Philips (6)

Eenvoudige montage

De Philips LED CANbus is compatibel met alle Philips LED-koplampseries (Ultinon Essential, Ultinon Pro5000 en Ultinon Pro9000)

LED CANbus | Philips (7)

Waterdichte aansluiting

Typespecifieke adapters zijn duurzaam en bieden IP65-bescherming tegen het binnendringen van stof en water

* De dashboardindicator voor groot licht is alleen geldig voor LED-HL [≈H4].

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    Do LED lights need a CANbus? ›

    Why do LED bulbs sometimes need a CANbus adapter? If your vehicle's lighting is not producing the wattage your vehicle expects, the canbus system will detect this, and interpret it as a fault - again triggering an error message.

    How do I clear a CANbus error? ›

    1. Take out the LED bulb and replace it with the stock bulb, turn on the vehicle, and confirm if the error message is cleared. 2. Turn off the vehicle and re-install the LED bulbs (make sure it is the correct side of polarity or else the vehicle will record the error message again).

    What does CANbus mean for LED lights? ›

    First things first—let's define the CANBUS term itself, which stands for Controller Area Network Bus. CANBUS LED bulbs work with your vehicle's advanced inner computer system. Vehicles that are CANBUS-compatible have a system that is equipped to respond correctly to these products.

    What does CANbus error mean? ›

    CAN bus errors can occur for several reasons - faulty cables, noise, incorrect termination, malfunctioning CAN nodes etc. Identifying, classifying and resolving such CAN errors is key to ensuring the continued performance of the overall CAN system.

    Why do LED lights flicker with CANbus? ›

    Notes: Flickering is caused by the Canbus electrical system. It pulses the power to the headlights to increase bulb life (for halogen bulbs). They stay energized just long enough so you never see the flicker. LED's can turn on and off so fast that you can usually see the flicker.

    How do I know if my CANbus is working? ›

    Checking Device CAN Port

    Unplug the connector from the device. Measure resistance on the connector pins of the device between CAN HI and CAN LOW. The resulting resistance should be between 28k – 50k ohms. Measure resistance between CAN HI and GROUND.

    What voltage level is CAN bus? ›

    CAN Bus voltage levels
    StateCAN High voltageCAN Low voltage
    Recessive2.5 volts2.5 volts
    Dominant3.5 volts1.5 volts

    What is the limit of CAN bus? ›

    Maximum Bus Speed

    The maximum speed of a CAN bus, according to the standard, is 1 Mbit/second. Some CAN controllers will nevertheless handle higher speeds than 1Mbit/s and may be considered for special applications. Low-speed CAN (ISO 11898-3, see above) can go up to 125 kbit/s.

    CAN I use a CAN bus LED in a non CAN bus car? ›

    In fact, using CANbus bulbs on non-CANbus cars may sometimes cause issues like hyper flashing or flickering, since the built-in resistors may not be necessary. If you're not sure whether your car has a CANbus system or not, it's best to consult the vehicle's manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

    Do you need cans for LED recessed lights? ›

    Canned lights are just that, a “can” that houses the light bulb and is installed inside the ceiling. An LED recessed light (“canless”), on the other hand, does not have the can around the lightbulb. It is instead wired directly into the ceiling.

    CAN LED bulbs be used in CAN lights? ›

    In fact, most remodeling recessed lighting uses LED bulbs because of the ease of installation, as well as the energy efficiency. LED bulbs last much longer than other kinds of light bulbs. You won't have to change them as often once you make the switch.

    CAN I use a CANbus LED in a non CANbus car? ›

    In fact, using CANbus bulbs on non-CANbus cars may sometimes cause issues like hyper flashing or flickering, since the built-in resistors may not be necessary. If you're not sure whether your car has a CANbus system or not, it's best to consult the vehicle's manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.


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