Hotels near Yanhanshan Jiaoye Park in Shenzhen | (2023)

4.3/5676 Reviews

Hongbo Hotel (Shenzhen OCT)

4.3/5Excellent676 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.55km from downtown

Due to home decoration, I stayed in Hongbo Hotel for two months, and then stayed for another month. I am very satisfied with the hotel's services. The hotel is located at the foot of Yanhan Mountain, and the air is very fresh. I stayed in the hotel for three months Here, we often go climbing to inhale oxygen to wash our lungs. There is a food street downstairs in the hotel, which provides all kinds of delicious food, and provides great convenience for hotel guests. The OCT Station of Metro Line 1 is within easy reach. Next time, friends will come In Shenzhen, I definitely recommend staying at the Hongbo Hotel.

4/51049 Reviews

Seaview Gleetour Hotel

4/5Very Good1049 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.9km from downtown

Hotel is pretty good, located near the subway, easy get to the airport or some city sightseeings by it. The service is nice, people at the reception are nice and friendly. I was satisfied with the facilities. There is hair dryer, iron, iron board in the room, the window is pretty big. As for food, I can say nothing as I ate outside but near by there are not many places to eat. I recommend this hotel for stay.

4.4/5492 Reviews

(Video) Seaview Gleetour Hotel Shenzhen (Former Seaview OCity Hotel Shenzhen) - Shenzhen Hotels, China

City Inn (Shenzhen Creation Park)

4.4/5Excellent492 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.92km from downtown

Stayed for three days, the first two days felt OK, the third night after washing at about 11 o'clock inexplicable buzzing and loud, call the front desk and the front desk opinion is whether the ventilation fan is turned on, I pulled the power card The sound still exists, the front desk said that the range hood on the roof may not be turned off, Send the engineering department to check, now at 1:22 in the morning, the first call has been more than an hour now, still buzzing! ! During the period, I called the front desk three times, the front desk returned once, and asked if there was no room at the front desk to change the room. The front desk has always insisted that the engineering department solve it! ! ! ! ! The earplugs in the bag, I also wanted to put them on to sleep at the beginning, and it was useless to wear them. It was that kind of resonance! Sleep on the plane tomorrow, real experience!

4.6/5261 Reviews

YHA LOFT Youth Hostel (Shenzhen OCT LOFT)

4.6/5Outstanding261 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.93km from downtown

Convenient location in the OCT area equidistant between two metro stations. Staff were friendly and flexible, helping us with directions and flexibly arranging a late checkout for us (with small extra charge). All staff we met spoke some English (some more confident than others) but all were helpful. Room was clean and simple with everything we wanted including a secure door lock, unlimited A/C and hot showers.

4.3/5850 Reviews

City Inn (Shenzhen Splendid China)

4.3/5Excellent850 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town

(Video) Portofino International Apartment, Shenzhen, China


|0.94km from downtown

It was near mtr. Cheaper than the nicer hotels. Service for foreigners can be better. Learn to take out translation app. You are in the tourist business to serve not stand there and giggle because a foreigner shows up

4.7/51108 Reviews

XW Hotel (Shenzhen OCT)

4.7/5Outstanding1108 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.97km from downtown

The location is absolutely perfect if you want to spend your time around OCT Loft. Room I booked looked perfect , but without notice that there is no window ( would like see this types of room being forbidden by law to sell, but eh that ain't gonna happen) so the hotel could at least mark those rooms in their presentation instead of doing very bad service during check in and not being familiar with number of guests and price we should pay according to reservation. Had to pay extra 50rmb to get the room with window. Room itself is good , but still missing good service to be ranked with 4stars. Also there is no restaurant on sight which is also a bit of disadvantage of this hotel

4.6/51678 Reviews

Hotel Indigo Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town

4.6/5Outstanding1678 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|0.98km from downtown

Checked in at 12:30 today, March 25 (Saturday). I was originally scheduled to enter the room at 14 o'clock, but I was allowed to use it immediately. Because the rain helped a lot. The room on the 15th floor was very quiet. The room was big and clean and the kids and we were happy. The lounge on the 16th floor is the best. 15:30~17:30 is afternoon tea. There are snacks from 18:00 to 20:00. Although we are Japanese, we are gentle with Japanese people. The male staff at the front desk tried desperately to explain it to me. The woman at the front desk called her husband and did a Japanese interpreter. The hotel's swimming pool is also very beautiful, 1.2 meters deep. The shower and sauna are beautiful. I would like to recommend this hotel to my Japanese friends. It is the best hotel in Shenzhen. Breakfast is on the first floor. It's beautiful and has a lot of staff. Tell me right away if you don't understand something. Very tasty breakfast with coffee. End at 10. Best trip ever done thanks to very gentle staff. Introduce to Japanese friends. I think you will like it. Thank you so much.

4.6/52216 Reviews

The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

4.6/5Outstanding2216 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|1.08km from downtown

We have an amazing 3 days holiday in Westin hotel Shenzhen . As some transportation . We would like look for one convenient and have outside swimming pool hotel . After we compared with some nearby hotels, we finally choose this hotel with shopping mall . Little boy have fun in swimming pool these 3days . Especially thx front desk upgrade our room with very good city view and thx lifeguard staff Mr. Zhang (sorry forgot his English name)with glass. When little boy was struggled with up-down swimming doll, he jumped and save him asap. Thx for all ! It’s will be our best weekend hotel forever!

4.8/54610 Reviews

InterContinental Shenzhen

4.8/5Outstanding4610 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|1.09km from downtown

Feeling excited for Christmas. The tree is up and Christmas decors are everywhere. I love the Christmas afternoon tea set. The room is clean the beds are comfy, big bathtub. Outdoor beach swimming pool is perfect for kids and adults. Indoor swimming pool is big. The buffet Western and Chinese breakfast is fine.

5/55 Reviews

Xiangjingli Apartment

5/5Perfect5 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|1.11km from downtown

The house is very clean, we stayed for 5 people, everyone is very satisfied. Very design, the bedding is very comfortable, the small bar on the balcony is very good, you can drink a little wine, chat, very comfortable! The best is also the smart toilet, very good for our girls' hygiene problems, and like it! ! ! The hammock is also very good, I feel a bit sleep on the boat, there are feet under the bed, you can also be fixed, very very satisfied with the experience! ! !

4.3/516 Reviews

Xinzi Apartment (Branch 5)

4.3/5Excellent16 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|1.13km from downtown

It is faster to contact the landlord by phone. The room is really good, three people live in one bedroom and one living room, there is a sofa bed outside the bedroom, the health is very good and clean, the location is good, very close to the Window of the World and Happy Valley

4.7/51710 Reviews

H' Life Hotel (Shenzhen Creative Park)

4.7/5Outstanding1710 Reviews

Overseas Chinese Town


|1.13km from downtown

The hotel is located in the Creative Park. The room is spacious and clean. There is also a gym and a laundry room. Parking is also very convenient and the price is affordable. Hannah, the lady at the front desk, is very helpful.

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